ePower Colombia (ePC) is your only information source for the rapidly growing energy market in Colombia, available in English. Beyond the news, it provides the perspective of our editorial team with more than 20 years’ experience in Colombian energy and high tech. Stakeholders in this sector – investors, users, policymakers, advocates – who need to understand the dynamics must read ePC every business day.

Combining daily news, statistical analysis, and commentary from leaders in the Colombian industry, ePower Colombia is the only on-line source available in English. Topics include:

Renewable energy with an emphasis on unconventional technologies;

Electrical power generation, transmission and distribution;

Regulation and government policy;

Financing for energy projects;

Profiles of companies and relevant technologies for Colombia;

Supply and demand forecasts and pricing.

Available in English and with our unique Bottom-Line: An in-depth analysis that ‘connects the dots’ and brings you commentary with a ‘bite’.

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