Advances in renewable energies

Renewables    Dec 11, 2019 2:07 PM

The Colombian government promised to boost the development of renewable energy projects in the country. Former Minister of Environment, Carlos Fonseca, spoke on the matter.

Fonseca told La W Radio that the country has made “great progress” in renewable energy issues, cataloguing the work of the Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), Maria Fernanda Suarez, as “spectacular”.

The expert said that the government was able to include almost 20% of wind and solar energy in the national energy matrix; an important step in the country’s energy transformation process.

However, he explained that the country still needs to accelerate the inclusion of these energy sources in the national energy network, saying that even if authorities meets the obligations of the Paris Agreement, Colombia would be “short” in 50% of the planet’s environmental commitments.

“A Financing Fund could be created, to accelerate the energy transition process of both factories and vehicles,” Fonseca said.

Bottom-Line: Colombia has a great potential in wind and solar energy, which is why authorities need to keep in mind that assuring clear, transparent regulations for investors, and fixing issues with communities, need to be their number one priority, if looking to leverage solar and wind potential regions such as La Guajira.

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