Air-e completed eight months of operation

Company News    Jul 7, 2021 4:43 PM

Air-e reported on the provision of energy service in its first eight months of operation in the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira.

The company has invested in 238 of the 263 networks with works such as installing transformers, hardware and protection, changing networks, washing and pruning trees to prevent branches from causing service failures, La Republica reported.

“Air-e’s effort and commitment has transformed the provision of energy service in these departments,” CEO Jhon Toro said.

The expert highlighted that of the total electric circuits intervened, 214 have presented improvements in their metrics.

The company said that it has several projects under development such as the Caracolí substation, the Norte substation, the replacement of structures of the Cuestecitas-Maicao and Cuestecitas-Riohacha lines, the Río substation project, the Unión substation, the Silencio substation, the second transformer of the Ciénaga substation, the new bay for the Santa Marta-Bonda line and the new Ciénaga 5 circuit.

“The interest is to continue intervening in the high, medium and low voltage distribution network to continue improving the service,” Toro added.

Toro announced that the company has had a 23% growth in its commercial offices, since in recent months it has gone from 33 to 43 points in the three departments where it has presence.

Bottom-Line: Air-e’s challenges are huge, but it seems like the company is on the right track to improve the quality of energy service on the Caribbean coast.

However, users will have to be patient as this will be a long process.

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