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Company News    Jan 9, 2022 10:57 AM

Air-e signed the project “Legalization of electrical networks” to improve service for about 3,000 users in the neighborhood of Los Olivos in Barranquilla.

The company will install more than 260 poles, close to 70 distribution transformers and more than 15 kilometers of networks to “definitively” transform the quality of service.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins said that this electrical formalization will allow the inhabitants to have a better quality of life and that everyone will start to consume “responsibly” the service “paying the right amount”.

He recalled that this project has been in the works since the beginning of his administration to improve conditions and benefit more than 20,000 families that were “outside of the normality” i.e. stealing electricity through pirated connections.

“This is great news not only for Los Olivos. It is a large investment of close to CoP$1.0B between Air-e and the government. Also, it is a good opportunity because it will improve the quality of service,” Pumarejo highlighted.

Pumarejo added that the company and authorities are advancing in the formalization of the service throughout the city.

“There are approximately 10 or 12 neighborhoods in which are being done at this time. We have 10 more in progress,” he said.

Head of the Public Services Office of Barranquilla, Juan Carlos Gómez Vallejo, said that authorities and the company will continue socializing with the residents of the beneficiary neighborhoods to achieve the normalization of the electrical networks.

Air-e’s Jhon Jairo Toro recalled that the company is committed to end illegality in the region.

“We received close to 17,000 users in a condition of electrical illegality,” Toro said.

Bottom-Line: Combating illegality is one of the most difficult challenges for the company to overcome. However, it seems like Air-e is making progress on this complex issue with positive results. The help of local authorities is key to advancement in this process.

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