Alliance between Cuencaverde and EPM

Company News    May 17, 2021 10:51 AM

The alliance between the CuencaVerde Corporation and EPM has generated positive results on environmental issues in the last six years.

EPM and CuencaVerde have developed a series of initiatives, allowing the conservation and/or restoration of 3,349 hectares of forests in Antioquia, La Republica reported.

Through the alliance, more than 600 experiences and meetings have been held, such as tree plantings, tours, and environmental education workshops, with the participation of 14,570 people.

The signing of 444 conservation agreements has been achieved, generating a positive impact on 12,552 hectares of forests and rural productive areas in Antioquia and the planting of 3,086 dispersed trees that favors the formation of biological corridors.

The companies hope to achieve environmental initiatives in 1,092 hectares of forests and rural productive areas; basic sanitation solutions for rural families, payment for environmental services to 85 families through the ‘MasBosques’ program and the holding of 25 environmental education workshops.

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