ANDI and CCI talk about Hidroituango case

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Oct 26, 2021 5:26 PM

The National Businessmen Association (ANDI) and the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI) joined forces to send a message about the Hidroituango case.

The entities launched a strong call to the country’s institutions regarding the management of the presidents and public officials in the Hidroituango case, and demanded that “conditions of respect be reestablished,” La Republica reported.

ANDI’s Bruce Mac Master, and CCI’s Juan Martín Caicedosaid said that the leaders and public officials involved are “developing media strategies of disinformation, manipulation and damaging people and organizations”.

“No citizen, let alone public officials can attack the reputation of others in an unfounded manner,” they said jointly.

This considering that political disputes have been another aspect of the project. While the Mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, says that the construction companies are the ones who must answer for the more than CoP$4.3T in detriment left by the failures given in Hidroituango; President Iván Duque points out that it is the insurers who must pay for what happened in 2018 in the megaproject.

“It is the responsibility of the civil authorities to seek solutions, motivated by the general benefit, within the institutional structure, of legality, justice and transparency indicated by our constitution,” the Executives said.

They asked not to accuse companies without any proof, as this becomes aggravated when it comes from people who hold public office.

“This produces immense damage, sometimes irreparable when they systematically advance strategies aimed at affecting the good name of other people,” they said.

Bottom-Line: The Mayor of Medellin, EPM and current contractors have to put disputes and differences aside, as the energy security of the country is at risk due to this dispute.

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