Arauca without electricity

CSR and Social, Energy    Jul 22, 2021 5:11 PM

A landslide caused the disconnection of the Toledo – Samoré transmission line, leaving Arauca without power since July 4th.

The Arauca Chamber of Commerce said that the economic losses in the department amount to CoP$5.5B, being the commerce and services sectors the most affected with 64% and 35% of such value, respectively, La Republica reported.

The electricity deficit has generated losses in operating expenses (payroll, surveillance or leases) of CoP$427M per day and losses in goods of CoP$480M.

ISA said that the recovery schedule of the affected line is already 76.5% advanced, so service could be reestablished soon.

Dumar José Quintero, Manager of Empresa de Energía de Arauca (Enelar), said that the company rented three diesel plants that will allow extending the service from four to six hours to face this situation.

The vice minister of Mines and Energy, Miguel Lotero, said that there are 92,400 users receiving rationed service. He said that Terpel and Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) have donated 13,700 gallons of diesel to address the emergency.

In addition, oil companies have tried to meet the energy demand in the region.

Parex Resources (TSX: PXT) explained that, through a 15MW capacity plant at the Capachos project, it has generated between 3MW and 7MW that is connected to the Tame electrical substation, contributing between 6% and 15% to the department’s energy supply.

Bernardo Ortiz, President of SierraCol Energy, operator of the Caño-Limón field, said that the company has generated 7MW, supplying energy to the municipalities of Arauca and Arauquita.

“We thank SierraCol and Parex, who are helping us with the supply energy to the department. It has been a difficult damage to face and we have prioritized the health sector,” Facundo Castillo, governor of Arauca, said.

Bottom-Line: The government must support the recovery work on the transmission line to solve this situation as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, the contribution of the extractive sector has been vital to avoid a major crisis due to the lack of energy.

And the Minister is receiving sanctions from other State entities for the department’s slow recovery.

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