Arbitration Court for Hidroituango

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Sep 6, 2021 5:17 PM

Three principal and three alternate judges were appointed to hear the claims that the Hidroituango Association has against EPM.

The three main arbitrators are Dr. Ruth Estella Correa Palacio, former Minister of Justice and former State Counselor; Dr. Jaime Humberto Tobar Ordoñez, University Professor and Judge of the State Council, and Dr. José Alejandro Bonivento, former President of the Supreme Court of Justice and former State Counselor.

The alternate judges will be Dr. Fernando Pabón Santander, Dr. Nicolás Gamboa Morales and Dr. Eduardo Silva Romero, all renowned university professors.

Both the appointed principal and alternate arbitrators have five days to accept or not the appointment.

The report highlighted that the persons appointed have the highest qualities and guarantee moral and legal solvency, experience, impartiality and suitability to resolve in an impartial and objective manner the conflict, which is of the greatest importance for the department and for the country.

It should be recalled that the claims are based on the alleged breach of contractual obligations contained in the Boomt contract, from the contingency presented in the main works of the Hidroituango project on April 28, 2018.

Bottom-Line: The Governor of Antioquia Luis Fernando Suarez made a proposal to avoid this arbitration process, but the Mayor of Medellin Daniel Quintero rejected it.

We hope decisions are being made objectively about coming to an agreement, and not on the basis of ego or fear of the asustarias. This is too important a project and too large an investment.

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