Atlantico main destination for renewable projects

Regulation & Policy, Renewables    May 17, 2021 10:52 AM

Barranquilla and the Atlántico department are positioned as an attractive destination for investments in generation projects with unconventional renewable sources in Colombia.

The sector is developing 25 solar and wind projects that were awarded in the auction held in 2019, El Heraldo reported.

The date of connection to the National Interconnected System was projected between 2021 and 2025. However, some of these projects have been authorized to postpone the connection date due to delays caused by the pandemic.

Authorities estimate that the generation of renewable energy from these projects will total about 1,903MW.

These projects represent investments of US$1.6B, of which 64% correspond to solar projects and the remaining 36% to wind projects.

ProBarranquilla’s Ana María Badel said that the city and the department have the right conditions for the development of these projects.

She explained that Colombia has an average irradiation of 4.5kwh/m2/day while on the Caribbean Coast it is between 5 kwh/m2/day and 6.5kwh/m2/day on average.

The Caribbean Coast also has the highest wind potential in the country, which can reach 20,000Mw.

The expert said that there are great opportunities in offshore wind projects, and these could represent an important advance in innovation and infrastructure for the department.

Felipe Ibarra, Developer of the Eólica Costa Atlántica project, said that when the wind blows “there is good solar radiation, and this complements the rainy season in the interior of the country”.

Rafael Álvarez, Manager of the Atlántico Photovoltaic project, said the department was the “ideal place” for the 240MW project that will supply power to 255,000 homes.

Bottom-Line: Local authorities know the potential of the Atlantico and they have done an excellent job in attracting the investors’ interest to the region.

Without a doubt, the Atlantico and Barranquilla are doing things well to become a reference point for energy issues in Colombia.

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