Atlantico, precursor of renewables

Regulation & Policy    Jul 24, 2021 11:39 AM

Senator Jose David Name spoke about the role of the Caribbean region in promoting renewable energies.

He said that the good projections for the Atlántico are thanks to its great potential for the development of renewable energies, and the region has increased its attractiveness as a strategic territory for the market, La Republica reported.

“Its favorable conditions and the possibilities offered by Barranquilla, are solidifying the region as the epicenter of solar photovoltaic and wind power generation macro projects,” Name said.

He said that the advances in generation projects with unconventional renewable sources are proof of the region’s role in the development of new technologies.

“The construction of the Guayepo solar park in Ponedera, which will become the largest photovoltaic plant in the country, will mark a new horizon in this second half of the year for clean energy in the Atlantico,” Name highlighted.

The senator said that this department has assumed the task of contributing to the diversification of the energy matrix in the country.

“The Atlántico and Barranquilla are heeding the call that has been made worldwide, for the development of renewable energy sources,” Name said.

He said that thanks to the new Law 2099 of 2021, the department will be able to accelerate the drivers of energy revolution.

“The economic growth projected for the city and the department with the development of renewables is incalculable. We must continue to bet on solidifying its leadership. Turning the Atlantico into the hub of clean energy will translate into great environmental, economic and social benefits for the country,” Name said.

Bottom-Line: Undoubtedly, the Atlantico is positioning itself as the energy leader in Colombia, and this has been thanks to a great effort and work of local authorities to generate the necessary conditions to boost investments in the region.

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