Authorities ratified fine to EPM

Company News    May 14, 2021 3:32 PM

The Superintendency of Public and Home Services (Superservicios) ratified a fine on EPM.

The fine is CoP$1.2B, imposed through resolution 20202400012285 of April 29, 2020, to EPM, La Republica reported.

This is for the failure to comply with the energy and service quality indicators.

The entity explained that the company exceeded the limits of the Grouped Quarterly Index of Discontinuity (ITAD), compared to its historical average and was above the indifference band. This indicator measures the amount of energy not served.

Among the sanctioned companies are Edeq, Cens, Chec and Essa, regional subsidiaries of the company.

The Superintendency added that between May and June 2017, January to March and October to December 2018, the company was unaware of the service quality standards in the Local Distribution System.

In response, EPM said that it is analyzing what decisions and legal actions to take in the face of the sanction.

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