“Barranquilla, on the right track as an energy center:” Danish Ambasssador

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Oct 9, 2021 7:19 PM

Erik Høeg, Danish Ambassador to Colombia, spoke about the potential of Barranquilla to become the energy center of the country.

The ambassador told El Heraldo that the city has the “potential” and the tools to become an energy center of the country. He said that this has generated interest in the Danish government, and in the businessmen of that country, who want to support this process.

“I see that Barranquilla wants to bet to be an energy center of Colombia, the path is for renewable energy, wind and green hydrogen. I see a path full of future and with a lot of potential,” Høeg said.

It is important to remember that Denmark has agreements with the Colombia government, the District Mayor of Barranquilla and the Government of Atlántico. Through these agreements, the Danish country cooperates on issues such as renewable energy, circular economy, wind energy and energy efficiency, among other topics.

“The potential is huge, it started with solar panels and for us it is clear that this is where the future lies. The conditions in the city in terms of sun and wind are excellent, as they are all along the coast, and we have to take advantage of these free resources,” the ambassador highlighted.

Høeg said that long-term planning is key, and Barranquilla is doing a good job in this area with an interesting vision of improving environmental issues.

“The city has a lot of advantages, it has interested investors, affordable and competitive technology; Barranquilla has good wind and sun conditions,” Høeg said.

Bottom-Line: The potential of Barranquilla and the Caribbean region is huge in renewable energies, and local authorities are clear about this. They have done a great job in attracting investors to the region and signing agreements with countries such as Denmark.

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