Beat and electric mobility

Company News    Jun 15, 2021 5:12 PM

Transport platform Beat will invest in a fleet of clean technology cars.

Beat’s Cécile Novion told La Republica that the mobility industry has been affected like many by the pandemic, but the firm has big plans in the country.

The expert said that the company is in a recovery process and the firm is close to halfway through to normal operations.

“Colombia is one of the most important countries for us. In 2020, we traveled 210 million kilometers in the country, which is a significant figure if we think that it was a complicated year,” Novion said.

Novion said that the company has presence in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Ibague and Pereira.

“Our plan is not focused on expansion, but on consolidation. We also hope to develop new projects in these cities,” Novio said.

Novion announced that Beat is working on a new service with an electric fleet.

“It is the most important Electric Vehicles (EVs) platform for mobility in the region. We are analyzing whether to apply it in Colombia,” Novion said.

She explained that the company launched this service in Mexico City with its own fleet.

“We see that sustainable mobility is a big bet and we have an important role in the transition. We accept drivers who have EVs, but we decided to make it our own service,” Novion explained.

The expert said that the goal is to start operations with EVs in 1H22 in the country.

“We are in a phase of market research and analysis to understand factors such as infrastructure and vehicle supply to define the details of the model. We are working on it,” Novion said.

Novion said that the company is studying under which model the electric fleet might come into operation.

“Regulation will be a very relevant issue for us to define the modality,” she said.

Novion said that Beat could have more than 100 EVs in Bogota, but there is an operational complexity in the charging infrastructure.

“We expect much more than 100 to eventually arrive in Colombia,” the expert concluded.

Bottom-Line: Colombian authorities must do more to boost the growth of charging stations in the country’s main cities, as this is impeding the growth of this sector in Colombia.

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