Benefits of solar energy in Agriculture

Renewables    Oct 9, 2019 2:28 PM

Colombia is promoting the development of renewable energy projects in different sectors. These are the benefits of solar energy in the agriculture sector, according to experts.

Solar panels can reduce energy costs in up to 40% in Agriculture activities, AgroNegocios said.

The source added that this type of energy source is also useful and viable in rural areas, depending on its location and access costs.

For Germán Corredor, President of the Renewable Energy Association, solar panels generate several benefits in the agro.

“There is some independence in the generation and the guarantee of having the service permanently with the solar panels,” he said.

However, the report clarifies that accessing these solar panels requires time and several processes, but economic benefits would be high.

The source also mentions that the process could take up to six months due to the preparation and installation phase of the panels.

Juan Carlos Moreno, Leader of companies in Celsia’s commercial area​​, added that the studies must analyze the area’s radiation and some of its characteristics, to assure the project’s viability, among them, having a flat area, or with a maximum inclination of 15°.

Harvest AS SAS and Celsia offer business models in which the customer can pay for the energy consumed, and the firms are in charge of the installation and maintenance costs.

There is another business model in which the customer can buy the panels. The cost will depend on the size of the project. Sunny App, Harvest AS SAS, Celsia, among others offer this alternative.

Harvest’s partner, Carlos Urueta, also said that the initiative’s prices are adapted to small and large agricultural entrepreneurs, adding that palm, cane, poultry and flower growers have been more open to the initiative so far..

Bottom-Line: The country is experiencing a ‘renewable energy boom’ and many sectors are joining this initiative due to its economic and social benefits.

Small and medium entrepreneurs are increasingly having more alternatives to implement these projects in their businesses, joining the world’s energy transition process.

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