Bets on the energy transition

Regulation & Policy    Aug 11, 2021 1:53 PM

Colombia will begin to move two new levers in its intention to strengthen its Energy Transition policy.

The first lever has to do with the roadmap that establishes standards for the production of hydrogen as fuel, and the second with the electric energy storage system with batteries, Portafolio reported.

The policy for hydrogen development was outlined in a draft resolution, whose content is out for comments from public and private stakeholders.

With this roadmap, the Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia) hopes to see the initial development of hydrogen pilots in the next three years.

The intention is to develop experimental initiatives in the initial phase, and the final document will be ready in September.

“Hydrogen will complement the country’s Energy Transition because it leverages renewable energy resources from the sun and wind. This will allow moving towards a more modern, efficient, reliable and sustainable energy sector,” MinEnergia Diego Mesa said.

The expert added that the development of these technologies will allow decarbonizing other sectors such as industry and transportation.

“This will support compliance with greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. In addition, it constitutes a commercial opportunity for the country, in a market with accelerated growth expectations,” Mesa highlighted.

MinEnergia, through the UPME, will map out the development of new battery storage auctions.

Mesa highlighted that the public calls seek to increase storage systems to further support firm energy in local, regional and national transmission networks.

This system will serve as a backup if there is a failure in the transmission structure of the electric system at local or regional level.

Bottom-Line: Promoting the development of these technologies will take time and investors will need a solid, clear and flexible regulatory framework to develop new projects in the country.

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