Big players to develop renewable projects

Regulation & Policy    Apr 29, 2021 7:41 PM

The country is in the middle of a transition process, diversifying its matrix towards unconventional renewable energies and major players will develop projects to achieve this.

Celsia, Air-e, Enel and EPM will develop more than 20 renewable energy projects, La Republica reported.

The goal is for unconventional renewable energies to represent about 12% of the national matrix in the coming two years.

Celsia’s Ricardo Sierra said that 2020 was a year of progress in this regard for the company, thanks to the implementation of projects of conventional and unconventional renewable sources.

“We have more than 15 solar farm projects under evaluation in Colombia, for a total of 650MW. We hope to put these projects into commercial operation in the next 18 to 24 months,” Sierra highlighted.

The company has a budget of CoP$1.3T for 2021, of which a part will come from the green bond program, with a global quota of CoP$420B.

EPM is another firm betting on energy generation with these sources. The company has a portfolio of about 40 projects between conventional and unconventional renewables to meet the demand of the future.

The company expects 500MW of conventional power to come online between 2022 and 2026, for a total of 6,180MW in renewable energy capacity.

EPM expects to have Hidroituango, two small hydroelectric plants and other unconventional project in operation in the short term.

Air-e’s John Toro said that the company plans to have a 40MW portfolio of renewable energy projects in its area of influence.

Enel this year will advance with two unconventional renewable projects.

General Director Lucio Rubio said that the Windpeshi project will have an installed capacity of 205MW and the second, La Loma, is a solar park in Cesar with an installed capacity of 185MWdc.

Bottom-Line: Colombia is experiencing a boom in renewable energy, especially solar projects. However, the tax reform could affect this …

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