Bogotá’s new electric bus fleet

Regulation & Policy    Jul 1, 2019 4:00 PM

Bogota’s City Hall published the bidding parameters to acquire the first 594 electric buses that will renew the city’s bus fleet (SITP).

The buses will have services like GPS, WiFi, cameras, sensors, more lighting, visibility and USB ports to charge mobile devices.

Drivers will also have more hours of training, which will provide greater reliability of the vehicles on the road.

The zones of the city that will benefit from these new buses are Suba, with 91 buses; Fontibón, with 112; Perdomo with 109; Puente Grande, with 117 and Usme with 124.

Another 41 buses will remain as a reserve, Noticias RCN said.

“The acquisition of these mass transit vehicles is the first step towards the use of zero emission technologies in public transport systems in Bogotá”, authorities said.

City Hall added that it is working so that Bogotá will reach the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) when it comes to air quality levels, by 2030.

Authorities also have a pending tender to acquire another 2,185 zero-emission buses that work with a Euro VI technology.

The Mayor’s Office clarified that the arrival of these new buses will not represent increases in current tariffs.

Bottom-line: This is proof that slowly but surely, Bogotá is catching up with the rest of the world while complying with its international commitments.

We will continue to provide updates on the bidding process as they become available.

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