Business agreements at Bioexpo

Company News, Renewables    Nov 23, 2021 5:37 PM

The national and international business roundtables that took place at the Bioexpo in Antioquia, generated great green opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Bioexpo generated business opportunities for CoP$4.2B, La Republica reported.

In addition, the 380 businesses that offered their goods and services at the environmental fair sold around CoP$400M.

President Iván Duque said that this is the demonstration of Colombia building the road to zero emissions.

“Today, we have to convince ourselves that having a carbon neutral world is a responsibility and that every green business contributes to that process,” Duque highlighted.

The Minister of Environment (MinAmbiente), Carlos Eduardo Correa, said that Bioexpo has been a total success, doubling the goal in business expectations.

“We demonstrated that it is possible to produce while conserving and conserve while producing,” Correa highlighted.

The Solutions Table, an event where entrepreneurs received guidance on different procedures, generated more than 150 appointments for green businesses with entities such as Viva, Agrosena, Finagro, Fondo Emprender, Invima, Bancolombia, among others.

The governor of Antioquia in charge, Luis Fernando Suárez, congratulated all the green businesses for the great results.

“We must recognize and value the enormous effort of all the organizers but also of the green business owners who came from all corners of the country,” Suarez said.

Bottom-Line: Colombia has a huge green business potential, and these results demonstrate the investors’ interest in the country.

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