Campaign to prevent energy theft

Company News    Jun 2, 2021 10:29 PM

Air-e announced a campaign to prevent energy theft in the Caribbean region.

The company announced the campaign “Legalízate”, focused on users with irregularities or alleged illegal connections in their homes, commercial or industrial establishments, so that they can have a legal service, La Republica reported.

Air-e highlighted that this campaign is part of the strategy to improve the quality of service in the region.

“This strategy will be in force during June. Once the report is received, our technicians will proceed to normalize the service, without charging for the energy not billed because of the irregularity,” Air-e’s Jhon Jairo Toro said.

Toro added that this is the opportunity for users to become legal, since after June 30th, the company will take more drastic and decisive measures against those users with illegal connections or by manipulating meters.

The expert said that the company will analyze the possibility of initiating foreclosure proceedings with the support of the company’s legal department, for those properties where energy theft is reiterative.

Bottom-Line: Energy theft in the Caribbean region is so widespread that it is almost considered a right by those from all parts of the social and economic spectrum.

Good luck Air-e.

You’ll need it.

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