Cardona Talks Energy Consumption

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 8, 2018 2:03 PM

The Deputy Minister of Energy, Alonso Cardona, spoke about the need to stablish a responsible, efficient energy consumption.

During the National Association of Generating Companies’ (Andeg) Energy Forum, Cardona said that Colombia’s goal is to improve its reserves before the possible threat of ‘El Niño’ phenomenon in 2021 or 2022.

He assured that most of the efforts, however, need to be concentrated in the Caribbean region.

“Temperatures of 33 degrees create the need for more energy and water consumption, that is clear. The goal is to create awareness, and for this, the government will need to replace devices that stimulate this behavior, such as refrigerators, for example,” he said.

The executive recalled that although the appearance of new energy sources is good for the country, they do not represent the abandonment of traditional energy sources.

In fact, conventional sources will continue to be key fixtures to assure energy service, hence the goal of rationalizing energy demand.

In this regard, Andeg’s Hernando Díaz said that the country’s challenge is to comply with a series of international environmental commitments such as green growth or the Agreements of the COP21.

“The concern is not the entry of new technologies or sources of energy generation, all of them are welcome with the idea of diversifying the portfolio. The concern is that the mechanism takes away the generator’s risk and assigns it to the demand,” he said.

Bottom-line: Experts have a point; Colombia needs to comply with its international environmental commitments, and that means migrating towards a cleaner energy matrix.

However, as Cardona explains, this process will take time and for now the decision that best fits reality is to complement both mechanisms of energy production to assure a better service.

El Niño is a threat, but it is also an opportunity for the government to test its efficiency in energy matters.


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