Celsia and ‘Works for taxes’

Company News    Jul 8, 2021 5:32 PM

Celsia announced a new package of ‘Works for taxes’ to develop in different regions of the country.

The company will develop these projects in the departments of Antioquia, Cauca and Tolima focused on communities, La Republica reported.

“We love the Works for Taxes mechanism because it allows our taxes to stay in the region with specific community projects,” Celsia’s Ricardo Sierra said.

Sierra explained that the company develops these projects with the support of the ART and mayors’ offices.

“This year, we are joining with other companies to achieve a greater impact,” Sierra highlighted.

The company will improve tertiary roads in Morales (Cauca) with an investment of CoP$27.6B, will provide school furniture in Ataco and Chaparral (Tolima), to eight educational institutions with an investment of CoP$6.6B.

Celsia will deliver school furniture in Antioquia for 19 municipalities and 78 educational institutions with an investment of CoP$12.8B; this project will be developed in alliance with Cementos Argos.

“We will continue to seek to develop more projects under this modality, always with the conviction of being partners in the development of the areas where we operate,” Sierra concluded.

Bottom-Line: The ‘Works for taxes’ mechanism has generated great benefits to the communities and the companies have been able to demonstrate that they contribute to the development of the regions where they operate.

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