Celsia installs solar panels

Company News    Jun 8, 2021 5:06 PM

Celsia, Grupo Argos’ energy company, announced the installation of solar panels in Bogotá.

The company said that the Connecta 26 business ecosystem has its solar energy, thus joining the global trend, La Republica reported.

Celsia installed three photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of 481kWp and will generate approximately 596,225kWh of clean energy each year. This is equivalent to the consumption of 248 Colombian homes on average.

These solar panels will cover 25% of the energy demand required by the buildings’ common areas, elevators, ventilation equipment and electric motors.

“With this implementation, we will stop emitting, each year, about 210 tons of CO2, corresponding to 751 trees planted,” Celsia highlighted.

The company plans to install 537 additional solar modules in the complex by the end of this year. These will have an output of 196kWp, generate around 255,792kWh and stop emitting approximately 90 tons of CO2 per year, corresponding to 322 trees planted.


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