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Company News, Renewables    May 19, 2021 5:13 PM

Celsia announced its investments in renewable energies y and other segments during 1Q21.

The company invested CoP$293B for the improvement of the network, the energy service to its customers and renewable energies, according to a press release.

Investments in distribution totaled CoP$76.6B, generating a positive effect on the service. Celsia invested CoP$42B in Valle del Cauca and CoP$34B in Tolima.

Investments in continuity and expansion were for CoP$34B.

Celsia highlighted that the availability of distribution assets remains at 99%, both in Valle and Tolima.

“Customer service indicators are positive, thanks to investments and maintenance work, which has allowed an 18% decrease in customer complaints and claims,” Celsia said.

Celsia’s Ricardo Sierra said that the company remains optimistic, despite the complex circumstances of the last few weeks.

“Our purpose is to advance with growth projects and with investments in improving the service to our clients,” Sierra said.

In addition, the company started operations at the ‘El Carmelo’ solar farm with 9.8MW capacity.

“This farm arrives with renewable energy to boost the country’s recovery. The facility was built during the pandemic, it generated 182 jobs during the work with 63% local employment and the hiring of 23% women,” Celsia said.

El Tesorito project made progress in internal roads and in the adaptation of access roads, and environmental and social negotiations with the community are maintained.

“The project has a capacity of 200MW and will provide the support and reliability that the country needs,” Celsia highlighted.

In addition, Celsia has developed eight projects within the Works for Taxes program, related to education and infrastructure construction for more than CoP$60B.

Bottom-Line: Despite the difficult social situation, the company continues to advance satisfactorily in key projects for the energy future of the country.

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