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Company News    Mar 25, 2021 4:02 PM

Celsia announced its plans and investment budget.

The company has an investment budget of CoP$3.4T, including own resources and alliances, Valora Analitik reported.

The firm highlighted the relevance of unconventional renewable energy generation projects such as solar and wind.

Celsia’s Ricardo Sierra said that the investments are close to CoP$1T just solar energy, multiplying by 20 times its capacity. The company is conducting socialization campaigns about its wind projects in La Guajira, according to Sierra.

The firm highlighted the Caoba project, in alliance with Cubico, to build about 15 solar farms, with a capacity of 650MW.

Celsia will allocate more than CoP$200B in transmission in the Toluviejo projects, the Sahagún substation in Córdoba and high tension lines in Tolima.

The Tesorito thermoelectric project will require investments estimated at CoP$600B. This project has a committed power allocation of 1.66 gigawatt hours-years for 20 years. The company expects to start operations in December 2022.

The investments will generate resources for CoP$300B in Tolima and Valle del Cauca to continue improving the quality of the service.

“We continue with the same incentives for the development of clean energies and incentives for electric mobility,” Sierra said.

In addition, the Celsia Shareholders’ Meeting approved the profit distribution proposal of CoP$262 per share.

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