Celsia training aids diversity

Company News    Apr 13, 2021 5:04 PM

Celsia announced a program directed exclusively for women.

The company explained that the goal is to train them in technology in Industrial Electricity, according to a press release. This is thanks to the alliance between Celsia, Sena and Deltec.

This education program begins with a group of 25 students, who participated in a selection process among 363 applicants.

Another objective of this program is to reduce gender gaps in a sector that has been predominantly male.

Beatriz Helena Vargas, leader of Organizational Development at Celsia, added that the women will receive additional compensation as support to avoid those selected dropping out for economic reasons.

“This in addition to their salary during the six months of their internship; 15 students will be sponsored by Celsia and 10 by Deltec,” Vargas explained.

Network Maintenance Leader at Celsia, Freddy García said that the company permanently needs human talent to meet the challenges in providing the service.

“We need to strengthen technical training, and one of our great allies in this regard is the Sena,” García said.

Ángela Ibarra, Deputy Director of the Center for Electricity and Industrial Automation (CEAI) of the Sena, said that this training in electricity for women is an example of how joint work between academia and the private sector can break down gender barriers and promote inclusion.

“This will allow women to engage in activities that have not been traditional for them,” Ibarra highlighted.

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