Celsia’s message to communities

Company News    May 5, 2021 4:16 PM

Celsia expressed its concern about the manipulation of the electrical infrastructure in Buenaventura.

The company called on the community to take care of the works being developed to improve the quality of the energy service, according to a press release.

“Especially in areas where significant investments have been made to improve the service quality that the community requires, such as in the sectors of Triana and Zaragoza,” Celsia said.

Celsia explained that these unauthorized, fraudulent, and unsafe interventions endanger the life and integrity of communities, deteriorating the service.

“The firm has allocated CoP$1.4B to the installation of more than 4.4 km of new medium and low voltage networks, 53 poles and 12 transformers, and now much of this equipment is damaged or unusable,” Celsia said.

Celsia requested the accompaniment of the authorities to address issues that transcend its responsibility and scope.

“The theft of energy is classified as a crime and the losses also make this service more expensive for all Colombians,” Celsia said.

Celsia recalled its commitment to improve service quality, making recurring investments in its areas of influence.

Bottom-Line: Communities have been illegally (and unsafely) stealing electricity since Thomas Edison was in diapers. Celsia will find it hard to get authorities to crack down on the practice because politicians need the votes and the police have higher priorities, especially in a high-crime environment like Buenaventura. We just hope Celsia built this level of theft into its business plan.


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