Cement with reduced CO2 emissions

Company News    Apr 12, 2021 5:21 PM

Cemex announced a new line of products to contribute to the CO2 reduction.

The company said that all its general-purpose and structural bagged cement products have reduced CO2 emissions, Portafolio reported.

Colombia will be the first in Latin America to launch this new offer, and other countries in the region will join in the coming weeks.

President of Cemex Colombia and Peru, Alejandro Ramirez, recalled that the company announced Concreto Vertua in October 2020, the first line of this material in Colombia that reduces and offsets its CO2 emissions until reaching carbon neutrality.

“Today, we reaffirm our commitment to the environment by launching Cemento Vertua. Our clients now have at their disposal a wide portfolio of reliable construction materials that reduce and offset their CO2 emissions,” Ramírez highlighted.

The new ‘Cementos Vertua’ line generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions to the environment throughout its production process and includes three solutions according to the percentage of product emissions reduction at the factory point.

The ‘Classic’ product manages a reduction between 15% and 25% of emissions; ‘Plus’ has a reduction of between 25% to 40%; and ‘Ultra’ offers a reduction of more than 40% in CO2 emissions compared to conventional cements.

Bottom-Line: All sectors are joining the cause of combating climate change, and this announcement is positive for the country and the environment.

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