Challenges of sustainable transformation

Company News    Jun 17, 2021 3:15 PM

Fundación Socya convened 11 of the most important companies in the country in the forum “Let’s team up for sustainability”.

The purpose of the virtual meeting was to share the implementation of good business practices, their scope, and to deepen understanding of the great challenges that each of these organizations has in terms of sustainability.

The main goal of the socialization was to generate opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators, facing the current challenges of different economic sectors.

Socya invited all actors in society and citizens to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals, and to have the conviction to generate a positive impact on society.

The entities that participated in the event were: Grupo Bancolombia, Grupo Nutresa, Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC), Grupo Éxito, Bavaria, Enel, Isa, Terpel, Grupo Argos, Postobón and Movistar.

Martha Falla, Postobón’s Sustainability Director, said that the company has maintained its focus on developing actions that contribute to the fulfillment of its sustainability goals.

“We reduced 12% of our direct C02 emissions by 2020. Thirty percent of Postobón plants’ energy will be photovoltaic by 2022,” Falla highlighted.

Juana Pérez Martínez, Executive Director of the Socya Foundation, said that it is fundamental to ‘weave networks’ to drive sustainable development, promote experiences, models and good actions that enable sustainability, inclusion and equity.

The companies agreed that it is vital to work in alliance to achieve the 2030 goals more quickly and achieve more positive impacts.

The participating companies invited a deep and forceful reflection on the importance of generating value for companies.

 Bottom-Line: Having the participation of all economic sectors will be fundamental to advance in the sustainable transformation of the country. These meetings are good to generate alliances and share experiences between all companies.

The country’s large companies are betting on renewable energies, demonstrating their commitment to the country’s change.

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