Colombia could add 500MW with lower CO2

Company News    Apr 23, 2021 12:32 PM

CEO of Siemens Energy Colombia Guilherme de Mendonça spoke about renewable energies in the country.

Mendonça told La Republica that renewable energies are the main ‘lever’ in the energy transition process in the country.

The expert said that the energy transition from decarbonization will take time, as the country must face several important challenges.

“First, the country needs to increase efficiency and existing assets; in other words, getting more energy out of existing assets by lowering carbon emissions,” Mendonça highlighted.

Mendonça said that if the country implements solutions based on the change from coal to natural gas and new technologies in the current infrastructure, Colombia could add more than 500MW with a much lower carbon emission.

The CEO added that compared to other nations, Colombia has advantages related to renewing environmental permits and licenses when it comes to modernizing its unconventional energy plants.

“Each country and each client will have their way and their journey through energy transition based on their financial conditions and their public policies,” Mendonça said.

The expert said that Colombia should work on promoting green hydrogen as part of the energy transition process. He said that this fuel has been considered in the US, China and in European countries, as a key element in the energy transition that aims to reduce pollution rates.

Bottom-Line: The energy transition is beginning, and the government must leave a solid regulatory framework for this process to continue in the medium and long term.

Authorities should not rush through this process and work so that it is orderly and transitory.

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