Colombia welcomes its Mission of Experts for energy transition

Clean tech, Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    May 8, 2019 7:00 PM

President Iván Duque opened the event where the government introduced the Mission of Experts that will lead Colombia’s energy transition process.

The Mission is formed by 20 national and international energy experts, who will build an action plan for the development of a more efficient, sustainable energy matrix, El Espectador said.

The road map, which will be designed in the next six months, will guide the energy transition process through the incorporation of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, complying with the International Sustainable Development Goals to confront climate change.

“The world is changing at great speed and we must be up to date with global transformations. The incorporation of new technologies, new agents and market schemes in the electricity sector is crucial to offer safe, sustainable energy at competitive prices,” Minister of Mines and Energy (MinMinas) María Fernanda Suárez said.

According to W Radio, the five focal points of the Mission are:

To assure the market’s competitiveness, participation and structure processes; which will be led by experts like Frank Wolak, Udi Helman and Diego Jara;

Define the role of natural gas in the country’s energy transition process (Paul Hunt, David Madero, Carmen Chahín and Ana María Ferreira);

Guarantee the industry’s digitalization process, and an efficient demand management (Andrei Romero Grass, Thomas Mach, Lorenzo Kristov and Carlos Battle);

To improve the quality, design and formulation of energy subsidies (Rutty Paola Ortiz, Ignacio Perez Arriaga, Miguel Juan Revol and Marcela Eslava);

Review the institutional and regulatory framework of the sector (Fernando Barrera Rey, Hugh Rudnick, Andrés Escobar and Manuel Maiguashca).

Through an official statement, the government said that the process will take Colombia’s participation from alternative energies, like solar and wind, from less than 50MW, to at least 1,500MW in the next four years.

Bottom-line: The world is transitioning towards a cleaner energy matrix responding to climate change, and Colombia cannot be the exception.

The appointment of a whole Mission of Experts to lead the country’s energy transition process is proof of the government’s will to comply with its international environmental commitments.


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