Colombia’s new solar energy plant

Clean tech, Company News, Energy, Renewables    Apr 9, 2019 5:53 PM

Italy’s Enel opened its first solar generator in Colombia, the country’s largest renewable energy plant so far.

The process was done through Enel’s renewable energy subsidiary, Enel Green Power Colombia (EGPC), Portafolio reported.

The facility, located in the municipality of El Paso (Cesar), has an installed capacity of 86.2 MW and represents 80% of the installed capacity of solar energy in Colombia.

According to President Duque, the project is now a reality thanks to the reliability charge auction that took place in February this year, and around US$70M were invested in its installation.

For Antonio Scala, Enel Green Power’s manager in South America, the company’s first photovoltaic plant in the country represents an important milestone for the Group and for the national energy sector.

“This country represents an ideal market for green energy projects because it has strong winds and high levels of solar radiation, in addition to its advanced hydroelectric sector,” he said.

El Paso plant occupies 210 hectares and has approximately 250,000 solar panels, installed on a structure that works with state-of-the-art technology to maximize energy production, the source added.

Official estimates say that this plant can produce around 176GWh per year, enough to supply the annual energy needs of close to 102,000 Colombian households, or 400,000 people.

The plant will also prevent the an annual emission of around 100,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

“The revolution of renewable energies in the country has already begun, and this project is proof of it,” President Duque added.

Bottom-line: Excellent news for the energy market, which although had a rough start with the country’s first energy auction, still shows it has an unlimited potential.

Enel is known for being an international benchmark in energy matters, and its interest in Colombia is a good sign of where the industry is heading.


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