Communities affected by Hidroituango join the strike

Company News, CSR and Social    May 12, 2021 4:37 PM

A group of inhabitants, who identified themselves as affected by Hidroituango, joined the day of protests in the department.

They ask for dialogues with the Mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, and EPM spokespersons, RCN Radio reported.

The spokeswoman for the Living Rivers Movement, Isabel Zuleta, said that they are protesting against environmental damage, hunger, displacement and unemployment caused by the construction of the hydroelectric plant in Ituango.

“Freedom of transit is being allowed, the roads are not being blocked, nor is it affecting the community. The only thing we want is to be heard by the Mayor of Medellín and EPM,” Zuleta said.

In addition, acting Antioquia Governor, Luis Fernando Suárez Velez, started the ‘Great Agenda for Social Dialogue’ in the department with the participation of the mayors.

“We have always said that the mayors are the main co-workers of this government, since they are the ones who are closest to the realities in the territory. We think that there are important routes for this social dialogue to be effective,” Suarez said.

The government identified twelve interest groups to dialogue.

Bottom-Line: EPM asked protesters not to block the access roads to the mega project to avoid new tragedies. The communities responded quickly to this request, arguing that they are not blocking access to the project.

Local authorities, EPM and communities must advance in the dialogues quickly, as this will benefit both the company and the inhabitants of the region.

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