Communities demand environmental compliance

CSR and Social    May 12, 2021 4:36 PM

Inhabitants of the Community Councils of La Toma, Pureto and La Meseta denounced an alleged breach of the CELSIA La Salvajina Dam environmental management plan.

They said that their patience has run out and they protested in the central powerhouse of the hydroelectric plant. Communities are demanding that the company create a negotiating committee to enforce the agreements reached between the parties, Proclama reported.

The communities asked the government, the Ombudsman’s Office and the Inspector General’s Office to guarantee the rights of the communities affected by the company.

They denounced that the construction of La Salvajina had caused a massive displacement of population and loss of biodiversity.

In addition to the displacement, there was a rupture between the ethnic groups that inhabit the territory, according to a community leader.

The Salvajina dam is located between the municipalities of Morales, Suárez and Buenos Aires.

The communities denounced that this project caused the loss of the work that guaranteed the sustainability of the black and indigenous communities in the territories.

Mining (gold), fishing, artisanal extraction of building materials for houses and agriculture were affected as well.

The variation of the average temperature in the reservoir, implied the loss of species of the natural ecosystem.

Bottom-Line: While this sounds like the issues are economic rather than environmental, the company must reach out to the communities together with local authorities to clarify the situation and explain the effects of the project with real data.

If there was any non-compliance with the environmental management plan, the company must remedy that as soon as possible.

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