Comptroller on Hidroituango Emergency

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Sep 5, 2018 2:47 PM

The Controller General’s office made a report on the emergency in Hidroituango and the possible failures that caused it. The National Agency of Environmental Licenses (ANLA) and EPM spoke on this report.

According to W Radio, the Controller’s office found 35 administrative failures, eight of them with criminal incidence, as causes of the emergency in Hidroituango.

The entity said that ANLA has responsibility in this emergency for not following up on environmental failures. EPM also has responsibility in these failures for not following up and controlling technical and operational issues of the project, according to the report.

The Controller commented that there were errors in the identification and registration of the ethnic communities around the project.

EPM said that several of the aspects found in the report are already in the internal investigation process, according to W Radio. The company recalled that it has collaborated to solve all the doubts about this project since the beginning of the emergency.

“(EPM) has provided the authorities and control agencies with the information required to carry out the reviews on the management and development of the project,” pointed out the firm.

The company highlighted that competent authorities always accompanied the process of construction and development of Hidroituango.

ANLA clarified that the environmental license of the project was not authorized by this entity, according to a press release.

The entity recalled that it began monitoring the project in 2012, and the license was granted by MinAmbiente in 2009.

“ANLA is not the competent authority to know the Hidroituango designs and details of its infrastructure, nor does it monitor the materials, sketches or schedules, due to these activities do not correspond to ANLA’s tasks,” the statement said.

The environmental agency pointed out that is conducting investigations to determine the causes of the emergency.

Bottom-Line: Investigations continue and now no entity will want to admit faults. Undoubtedly, this emergency was the cause of several errors and there is not a single culprit.

However, authorities, EPM and communities must join forces to solve this crisis and avoid a deeper one. The main goal must be to continue with this important project for Colombia’s energy future.


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