Contingency plan to meet demand

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Mar 25, 2020 2:15 PM

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) explained that energy companies have contingency plans ready to meet demand during the mandatory preventive isolation period in Colombia.

Authorities confirmed that Colombia will have energy supply during the isolation period, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, as MinEnergia said it is permanently monitoring demand coverage in the country.

According to the entity, water contributions are close to 70.62% of its level.  The current level of the useful volume of water reservoirs for power generation stands at 36.76%.

“The level of the reservoirs supports gas and coal thermal plants, both key in the generation of energy in Colombia,” MinEnergia said.

To date, these plants are generating around 56 gigawatt hours a day, representing 33.5% of the country’s total energy demand.

“Companies in the energy sector are prepared with the activation of contingency plans,” MinEnergia highlighted.

XM said that authorities have taken all operational, human, technological and business continuity measures to guarantee energy supply in the country.

Entitis like the CACSSEE called on users to make efficient use of energy and gas services during the quarantine period.

Bottom-Line: Natural gas continues to show its importance for different economic sectors of the country, even in times of crisis.

Encouraging the exploration of this fuel will be key to Colombia’s energy future, yet something hard to achieve at the moment.

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