Duque talks renewable energies

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Nov 18, 2020 3:21 PM

President Iván Duque spoke about the growth of renewable energies in the country.

President Duque celebrated the country’s progress in energy transition, thanks to the growth of renewable energies in Colombia, El Colombiano said.

“Today we celebrate, with actions not just with words, the ‘green path’ that Colombia is on,” he said.

The President recalled that during his presidential campaign he toured the country talking about the unconventional renewable energy revolution, a vision that is now a reality.

“I remember that we went to many forums and there was so much disbelief. They said an energy transition was not feasible, that it was expensive energy, that there was no way to connect it to the system,” he said, adding that his government has multiplied by five or six times Colombia’s installed generation capacity in the last 26 months.

“This is proof that the unconventional renewable energy revolution is underway and continues to grow to reach more than 2,500MW of installed capacity,” Duque highlighted.

The President said that Colombia is seen as a benchmark for green energies in Latin America.

“Renewables are the bet that we are making, and that is why these projects excite me, because they are projects that generate employment and progress,” Duque concluded.

Bottom-Line: The government has done a great job to promote the development of renewable energy projects in the country, and it seems like authorities are on the right track to meet the goals proposed at the beginning of the Duque administration.

Image by Pixabay, https://pixabay.com/photos/renewable-energy-environment-wind-1989416/

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