Ecopetrol awarded solar project

Company News, Renewables    Aug 24, 2020 3:13 PM

Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) announced the award of a new solar project in the department of Meta.

The company awarded the San Fernando Solar Park project to AES Colombia, La Republica said.

The contract is under a 15-year energy supply margin and its goal is to generate energy for the operations that both Ecopetrol and Cenit have in the Eastern Plaines region.

The park will be the second energy facility owned by Ecopetrol in Meta, and will have an installed capacity of 59 MWp, equivalent to supplying energy to a population of 65,000 inhabitants.

“The construction phase will start in October 2020 and the park will come into operation in 1H21. It is estimated that at least 38% of the labor hired for this phase will correspond to women. Additionally, it is expected that more than CoP$15B will be hired in local goods and services,” ECP highlighted.

The San Fernando Solar Park will occupy an area of ​​47 hectares, equivalent to 90 professional soccer fields, where more than 113,000 solar panels will be located.

ECP explained that these modules will have the ability to move according to the sun’s orientation, and will have bifacial technology, allowing them to capture energy on both sides, which guarantees greater performance and efficiency.

Bottom-Line: We celebrate Ecopetrol’s project now more than ever, because it will provide a much needed boost to the national economy, aside from placing Colombia closer to its environmental goals.

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