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Company News    Feb 12, 2020 2:45 PM

These are the plans that Energías Renovables de Portugal (EDPR), a subsidiary of Energías de Portugal (EDP), has in Colombia.

EDPR has reported positive results since arriving in the country a year ago.

This, after winning two concessions, each for 20 years, to provide energy service to the country through wind farms that will start operating as of 2022.

“Colombia is an attractive country for investment due to its wind and solar resources, as well as for its long-term legal stability. For all these reasons, EDPR has important development plans in here,” CEO João Manso said.

EDPR currently develops the Alpha (212Mw) and Beta (280MW) wind farms in the department of La Guajira.

However, to get the most out of its already existing infrastructure in Colombia, the firm will participate as a bidder to guarantee long-term energy sale contracts with third parties (PPAs), to sell extra energy produced in both parks, Portafolio said.

“Within the process of developing these two facilities, currently at an advanced stage, EDPR has committed to assure the wellbeing of the local indigenous community, which will benefit from the positive socio-economic impact of wind farms in the region,” the company said in a statement.

Colombia will act as the focal point for EDPR’s expansion plan in Latin America, where the company intends to continue growing as part of its strategy to study global opportunities.

Bottom-line: We like to report on the corporate profile of companies that are helping re-shape Colombia’s energy market.

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