El Niño and La Niña impact

Energy, Renewables    May 19, 2021 5:13 PM

An investigation on the effects of the phenomenon of “El Niño” and “La Niña” talked about the effects of these phenomena in the different regions of the country.

The study said that it is very likely that, in the Caribbean, the Andes and the Pacific there will be an increase in rainfall during the “La Niña” phenomenon, but in the Orinoquia and the Amazon it will decrease, El Espectador reported.

‘El Niño’ will have a drought effect between the central and western regions.

The civil engineer Hernán Darío Salas Parra, doctor in Engineering – Hydraulic Resources from the National University of Colombia (UNAL) Medellín Headquarters, explained that after several data analyses of the interannual variability, it was found that when talking about rainfall and temperature there is a contrast between the eastern region and the central and western areas of the country.

“Until now, the influence of phenomena was studied, and it was talked about as if the impact of these phenomena were the same throughout the country, and the evidence shows that it is not,” Salas said.

The expert said that this research will improve the prediction criteria, and the country will be able to better prepare and understand how precipitation (rains) and flows behave.

“We can have better water resource planning and risk management, which is important in a country that depends on hydroelectric power,” Salas said.

Salas added that topography plays a leading role in these differences, since the Orinoco and the Amazon are separated from the Andean, Pacific and Caribbean regions by the Andes mountain ranges.

Bottom-Line: The country is diversifying its energy matrix, but hydro will continue to be the main source of generation at least in the medium term. For this reason, it is important to continue advancing with these investigations to better understand the effects of these phenomena and for the country to prepare itself to face them.

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