Electric vehicle market in 2020

Energy, Renewables    Nov 11, 2020 11:34 AM

The National Association for Sustainable Mobility (Andemos) published its monthly report on the behavior of the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Here are the details.

Sales of these type of vehicles increased 90% during January-October 2020, compared to same period period last year, Valora Analitik said.

This metric went from 1,923 vehicles in 2019 to 3,671 during this year.

Andemos said that 2,623 hybrid cars were sold during the first ten months of 2020; 625 were electric vehicles.

To date, the best-selling brands are Toyota (1,133), KIA (707), and Mercedes Benz (411), which increased their sales by 3,946%, 39.7% and 66.4% respectively in 2020 compared to the first ten months of 2019.

Andemos’, Oliverio García, said that the increase in public policies to stimulate the use of these vehicles has helped to improve this metric.

“We celebrate the incentives included in the Economic Reactivation Plan, which the Bogotá Council approved last month. People who buy an electric vehicle will have a 60% tax discount, while those who buy hybrid electric vehicles will have a 40% discount,” García said.

Electric motorcycles reported a 10.7% drop in sales, going from 1,908 in the first ten months of 2019 to 1,704 in the same period this year.

Bottom-Line: The fact that this type of sales are increasing despite the crisis confirms that Colombians are looking for more eco-friendly transportation options, amid the pandemic.

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