Electric vehicles target

Energy, Renewables    Nov 27, 2019 3:33 PM

President Ivan Duque spoke about Colombia’s target for electric vehicles in the long term, and about the advances that his administration has made on the matter.

President Duque said that the government expects to have 600,000 electric vehicles in the country’s streets by 2030.

He recalled that his administration started a sustainable national mobility plan, which has had a positive impact on the promotion of electric vehicles in the country.

“Colombia is positioning itself as a leading country in Latin America, both in clean mobility and in energy generation processes, through unconventional renewable sources,” he said.

Back in July, the government announced the approval of the Law 1964 of 2019, which grants incentives to citizens who purchase electric vehicles.

Some of the legislation’s benefits include a 95% of the Value Added Tax, 10% discounts on insurances for these vehicles, and exceptions to traffic restriction measures, such as the “Pico y Placa.”

Bottom-Line: Another week, another reason to continue working towards a cleaner mobility in the country, with the government’s support.

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