Electricity generation expansion plan

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Sep 1, 2021 4:50 PM

The Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia) announced Resolution 40279 that outlines the Reference Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2020-2034.

The measure contemplates the development of transmission works through public tenders or expansions, to strengthen the National Electric System, Valora Analitik reported. We had previously reported on the draft.

The works contemplated by the new resolution are:

– New Huila 230 kV substation, sectioning the Betania – Mirolindo 230 kV and Betania – Tuluní 230 kV circuits, with an operation date of August 2026.

– New substation Estambul 230 kV, sectioning the circuits Alférez – Yumbo 230 kV and Juanchito – Yumbo 230 kV, with commissioning date August 2026.

– Installation of a 120 MVAr reactor at the San Marcos 500 kV substation, relocating the reactor that was removed from the Copey 500 kV substation as part of the La Loma Project.

– Fourth Sogamoso 500/230 kV – 450 MVA transformer, with a commissioning date of June 2024.

– Second Primavera 500/230 kV – 450 MVA transformer, with commissioning date June 2024.

– FACTS type devices in the Guajira – Santa Marta and Termocol (Bonda) links.

– Santa Marta 220 kV, with a commissioning date of July 2022.

– FACTS type devices in the 220 kV Tebsa – Sabalarga 1 and 2, Nueva – Barranquilla – Flores 1 and 2 and Caracolí – Sabanalarga links, with a commissioning date of June 2024.

– High bay of the second 500/115 kV transformer at the Nueva Esperanza substation.

Bottom-Line: The government is setting ambitious targets for energy expansion, which is beneficial for the country. However, authorities should pay attention to the issue of energy subsidies (see our companion article) to avoid problems in this process…

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