Enel and drinking water

Company News, CSR and Social    Mar 30, 2021 3:57 PM

Enel’s companies in Colombia highlighted their progress in meeting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 6: Clean water and sanitation.

The firm has developed projects facilitating access to drinking water for 3,650 people in Cundinamarca and La Guajira, according to a press release.

“From Enel’s companies in Colombia, we are committed to providing cost-efficient solutions that adapt to the needs and realities of our areas of influence,” Enel highlighted.

Enel’s Lucio Rubio said that the purpose is that more communities have safe and equitable access to this resource.

In La Guajira, Enel-Emgesa recently inaugurated the Wimpeshi public water system. This is a scheme made up of two water basins and 13 community tanks with the capacity to provide 2,000 liters of water per week to rural communities in the region.

“The project is benefiting 3,000 Wayuu indigenous people and allows us to get water, treat it and make it drinkable, store it and distribute it,” Enel said.

The company invested CoP$6.0B in this project and is linked to the Guajira Azul program.

“We are aware of the problems faced by the communities in La Guajira, where the lack of drinking water is the cause of an increase in infant mortality,” Rubio said.

Enel is developing another project in the rural area of the Amalipa, in Maicao. This new project will require resources of CoP$5.1B, benefiting 1,800 people from the Wayuu communities.

In addition, the Enel Colombia Foundation, and the Siemens Foundation, through their Vital program, have benefited more than 650 Cundinamarca residents with the installation of four water purification systems in three municipalities.

Bottom-Line: These projects are essential for communities to see the benefits of the sector in their region.

La Guajira is considered the most attractive departments for solar and wind power generation and yet is most affected by the lack of drinking water. The industry can play a fundamental role in helping to solve this social problem.

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