Enel Codensa plans

Company News    Jul 29, 2019 8:52 PM

Enel Codensa announced its expansion plans in the country, presenting a new portfolio of energy and complementary solutions for cities, companies, mobility and homes in the country.

According to El Heraldo, Enel Codensa announced its new Enel X business line, with which it plans to enter the Barranquilla market.

Carlos Mario Restrepo, Manager of Enel X, commented that the Atlantic coast region represents great opportunities in several sectors.

“Barranquilla is at the forefront for its development, so we consider it the point where we should first open operations,” said Restrepo.

Restrepo explained that Enel will offer large and small solutions for customers, based on their needs.

The company will offer air conditioning, water heating, photovoltaic systems, LED lighting, insurance and assistance, home automation, among others services for homes.

Enel Codensa will offer a portfolio focused on industry to optimize energy consumption. In addition, the firm has products and services that promote the development of electric mobility, private or public, with the necessary recharging system and infrastructure.

The firm offers solutions for street lighting, traffic control and air quality detection, among others services for cities.

Bottom-Line: We like to report on the corporate profile of companies that decided to bet on the Colombian energy market.

Local authorities in Barranquilla have done an excellent job to attract private investment in recent years. Without a doubt, the city is positioning itself as one of the most important regions in energy issues in Colombia.

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