Enel Has its Eyes in Colombia

Electricity, Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 8, 2018 2:08 PM

The group will allocate important resources for the modernization of electrical infrastructure in the country, among other changes.

Enel, owner of the Codensa and Emgesa energy companies, announced an investment of CoP$4.4T by 2020.

The investment includes the modernization of electrical infrastructure, the improvement of service quality and the expansion of its offer, El Espectador reported.

The company, present in 34 countries and in Colombia for the last 20 years, also announced the integration of its new brands, which will be transformed into ‘Enel-Codensa’and ‘Enel-Emgesa.’

“With the initiative we seek to reflect in the names, technical experience and best practices of the global brand, which is the purpose of the change we are doing,” the company said in a statement.

Enel representatives added that Enel-Codensa will allocate more than CoP$2.6T to modernize their networks, including CoP$360B to improve the quality of the service through the implementation of tele-control.

The measure is expected to reduce the SAIDI (Index of Average System Interruption Duration) to 519 minutes in 2020, compared to 820 minutes in 2017.

“Telecontrol is an innovative technology that allows faults to be located in circuits in a precise way and to be attended remotely,” the group explained.

As for innovations, the company plans to move from 42,000 smart meters installed between 2016 and 2017, to 80,000 this year.

“Smart metering will provide customers with up-to-date and detailed information about their energy consumption; and in turn, the company will be able to optimize its commercial operation and offer a portfolio of products according to their needs and profiles,” the firm added.

As of Enel-Emgesa, the investment of more than CoP$1T will go to improve the efficiency of its plants, given the potential difficulties that El Niño phenomenon may cause.

Bottom-line: Enel’s arrival in Colombia confirms the country’s potential. Investments like these translate into a better energy service and in times where Electricaribe works worse than usual … they are welcome.


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