Enel X talks electric mobility

Company News    Jun 14, 2021 3:09 PM

Enel X’s Carlos Mario Restrepo spoke about the electric mobility industry.

Restrepo highlighted that the sector must operate from trust, as this shows what solutions can be offered to improve the mobility of an entire city, Valora Analitik reported.

The expert said that clean mobility energy, such as electric, has the capacity to cover operations from bicycles and motorcycles to cars, trucks and tractors.

Restrepo explained that the public sector plays a key role in the trust process and in strengthening electric mobility.

He said that the industry needs that the land use plans of the cities have spaces to develop projects for recharging points, as this will encourage mass electric mobility.

The Enel X manager highlighted that Bogota already has 483 electric buses in operation, with another 400 coming by the end of 2021 and an equivalent amount to reach almost 1,500 by 2022.

“Enel is not a transportation company, we do not drive buses or trucks, nor do we have drivers, but because we want to spread trust we partner with other operators,” Restrepo explained.

The expert said that this is a system that is truly zero emissions and that really contributes to the environment and to people’s quality of life.

“We want to demonstrate that the model of generating zero emissions does work,” Restrepo concluded.

Bottom-Line: Electric mobility needs to overcome several challenges to become the main transportation alternative, but it seems like the sector is on the right track to achieve it.

Increasing competitiveness, improving charging infrastructure and service reliability will be vital to see more EVs in the country.

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