Enel X to boost electric mobility

Company News    Jul 27, 2021 9:04 PM

Enel X announced a new strategy to boost electric mobility.

The company seeks to eliminate one of the major barriers faced by companies wishing to venture into electric mobility: the costs associated with the construction and installation of charging stations, La Republica reported.

Enel X announced the ‘Charging as a Service’ business model, with which organizations pay for the charging service for the operation of their Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet, without the need to spend CAPEX.

Companies will only assume the costs of the Charging Unit, that is, the kilowatt-hours consumed monthly to charge the zero-emission vehicles, plus the associated VAT.

Enel X will be in charge of the entire process required for its operation; from the adaptation of the electrical networks, to the provision of energy and the procurement of the physical space where the charging stations will be located.

“The Charging as a Service model is the same one we implemented with TransMilenio for the Integrated Public Transport System’s electric yards project, but adapted to a small and medium scale for B2B and B2C customers,” Enel X’s Carlos Restrepo said.

The expert added that the company expects to break down the barriers of the Energy Transition with this strategy.

“This is so that everyone can join the sustainable development of cities,” Restrepo said.

Bottom-Line: These strategies are fundamental to drive the growth of the charging infrastructure in the country.

The EV market is growing exponentially in Colombia, but it is necessary to increase service stations for this type of vehicles to continue with this path.

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