Enelar ESP Anniversary

Company News    Dec 16, 2021 6:47 PM

The history of Energia de Arauca ENELAR ESP, began with Agreement 004 of 1985 of the Arauca Council.

The company began as a decentralized entity with legal status, administrative autonomy and its own assets, as institutional support for the provision of energy services to the people of Arauca, having as a reference the beginning of the Caño Limón oil field and the interconnection to the National Interconnected System (SIN) through the Bucaramanga – Caño Limón – Arauca, Llanera.com reported.

“36 years of history, evolution, challenges, and great efforts to maintain a continuous and quality service. Our company has demonstrated a path of progress achieving a coverage of 93,000 users in seven municipalities,” the report highlighted.

Manager Lenis Karina Mujica Gonzalez said that the company managed to maintain a continuous and quality service, even during the social distancing measures by Covid-19.

“To all my technical and administrative work team that adapted to change, that took on challenges, that evolved by strengthening user service virtually and that were always there through energy, Thank you,” Mujica said.

The executive said that the company faces great challenges to continue with the mission of expanding the coverage of this important service.

“We want to continue strengthening our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility with programs that strengthen community ties. This with the aim of promoting the lines of participation, customer satisfaction, education, renewable energy, environmental care, efficient energy use, employment generation in our areas of influence, among others,” Mujica added.

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