Energy demand in June 2021

Energy    Jul 20, 2021 12:27 PM

XM, operator of the National Interconnected System (SIN) and administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market (MEM), reported on the behavior of this metric in June 2021.

Energy demand increased 8% to 6,017Wh in June 2021 compared to same period last year (5,568GWh), XM said in a statement.

This metric remained stable compared to previous month.

The Operator explained that the regulated market represented 68.78% of the total demand in June; this metric was 4,123GWh in June 2021, while it was 3,918GWh during the same period previous year.

The unregulated market represented the remaining 31.22% of the demand, increasing 15.23% to 1,871GWh in the same period.

The THC (Tolima, Huila and Caqueta) region reported a 14.9% increase in energy demand during June 2021; the Central region reported a 9.64% increase, followed by East 9.51%, Guaviare (9.44%), Antioquia (8.27%), CQR (Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda) (8.24%), Choco (7.38%), Caribbean (6%), South (3.42%), and Valle (2.62%).

XM’s Jaime Alejandro Zapata Uribe said that energy consumption continues to recover compared to previous year.

“From XM, we continue with a permanent monitoring of the system variables and working with the Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia) and other actors in the energy ecosystem to guarantee the provision of safe and reliable service,” Zapata said.

Bottom-Line: The national strike did not have much effect on this metric during May and June, and the third pandemic peak is passing, so further performance could be expected in the coming months.

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