Energy efficiency and technological change

Company News, Energy    Apr 20, 2021 4:58 PM

Colombia must break paradigms and promote technological change to make more efficient use of energy.

Portafolio said the country needs technological change, but this must be aligned with the economic issue.

“The investments made can definitely generate significant environmental transformations, including the adoption of sources such as biomass,” the report said.

Biomass has a much lower return on investment than other clean energies and is a natural substitute for coal.

“Colombia needs to implement and have expert ecological operators and transformers, which lead it to consume more efficiently and sustainably,” Pablo Aledo, Director of Veolia’s Business Development for Colombia and Panama, said.

He said that energy efficiency must be accompanied by renewable energies, such as solar photovoltaic, wind or biomass.

“Our operational infrastructure allows us to present ourselves to industries and local governments as an ally that helps them consume energy in a more conscious way,” Aledo explained.

Aledo said that the company has a system (Hubgrade) that allows online monitoring of the quality of all operations related to energy, water, or waste, and provide customers with permanent measurements.

The expert highlighted that measurement of energy consumption allows to define improvements based on real statistics.

“In addition, with our monitoring center, we help clients make a leap in value towards digital transformation. That is another of the advantages that we put in the market,” Aledo said.

Bottom-Line: Advancing in the efficient use of energy requires many changes and investments. Colombian authorities must create incentives to drive this change, as it was essential to meet emission reduction targets.

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